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Midnight craziness. Tired. Taboo.
Title: Start
Challenge: Beginning romance or something.
Characters or Pairings: Liir. Nor.
Rating: G
Words: 211

Little Liir knows not that sailboats cannot necessarily fly in the sky, no matter how many times you might pray to the Unnamed God or Lurline. Nor haughtily assures him that flying might be done with something other than sailboats, because, as everyone should know, everything that flies must have feathers attached.
Liir refuses to believe this and acts accordingly. She is shoved to the ground and, in a matter of minutes, there’s hair pulling and jaw punching and boys and girls screaming.
“Mom-less orphan!”
“Spoiled brat!”

But they tire, as all children do, and his body relaxes from under her.
Yet quite by accident and at the fault of Nor, their heads collide, melting every part of their fleshy faces into each other.
In our world, we would call this painting, this moment Picasso, vaguely because it just is.
Nor quickly gets up and scampers away before Liir has time to react, and until the day he dies he will never know if she’d been blushing or not.
But the moment has past, and Liir, being a child, cannot care that far into the future, so he wipes his mouth with his hand and scampers after her.
He still believes in sailboats, but, as he runs, starts to reconsider flying.
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