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fix me, motherfucker! i'm standing right here.

Challenge #4

Title: Love Letters
Challenge #4: Silence is Golden
Character(s)/Pairings: Pfannee/Elphaba, implied Glinda/Elphaba.
Rating/Warnings: G
# of Words: 114
Notes: Wow, this is horrible.

It wasn't really love, or lust, or anything at all. At least as far as she knew. But there was that spark, that thrill, basis inderteminable, which flamed inside of her whenever she saw her. She ran into Glinda once, their books crashing to the floor, and in the scramble to gather her things, she had accidentally picked up a love letter addressed to the blonde. Glinda had snatched it away, quickly, blushing deeply, but Pfannee knew who it was from.

She didn't tell Shenshen or Milla. She didn't want to; was afraid to.

But she sat in class behind her, gazing at her dreamily, hoping one day Elphie would write letters to her too.
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