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He Deserved It

Title: He Deserved It (Wicked-musicalverse)
Author: Brokenlizard14
Rating: PG
Summary: Nessa gets a little upset when Boq tries to leave her.
Spoilers: Only for "Wicked Witch of the East"


    Nessa tried to process it all. Her sister was here, her sister had a warrent for her arrest, she was the governess, she could walk...she could be with Boq.

    Boq was leaving her.

    The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them and suddenly Boq was dancing, his body writhing and contorting.

    No. He wasn't dancing. He was dying.

     She knew she should do something. Murder. She'd committed murder. But as far as anyone else knew, this was Elphaba's doing.

     She smiled wickedly as he collapsed in her wheelchair.

She'd loved him.

But he deserved it.

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