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Yeah, I'm totally new here and have no idea if A: I should be posting this story on this page and B: how to hyperlink it and make it look not sped.

So, until I find out, I'll just C&P it.

“Mind if I cut in?”

Time slowed; hearts raced; faces flushed; hands moved, slowly falling into synch.

One step at a time

One step

I felt the hat slowly move down my head as the movements continued.
I reached up, keeping it on, but falling out of synch with the rest of the ridiculous group that suddenly joined in on our dance!

Our dance?

Where had that come from?

No, but it’s true, it was out dance… if only for a moment, it was ours.

The only thing that ever really was.

Her and I, moving together… forming one whole.

It is exactly 100 words. And it's crappy. but, it's still 100 words. ^^;
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