Yeah, I'm totally new here and have no idea if A: I should be posting this story on this page and B: how to hyperlink it and make it look not sped.

So, until I find out, I'll just C&P it.

“Mind if I cut in?”

Time slowed; hearts raced; faces flushed; hands moved, slowly falling into synch.

One step at a time

One step

I felt the hat slowly move down my head as the movements continued.
I reached up, keeping it on, but falling out of synch with the rest of the ridiculous group that suddenly joined in on our dance!

Our dance?

Where had that come from?

No, but it’s true, it was out dance… if only for a moment, it was ours.

The only thing that ever really was.

Her and I, moving together… forming one whole.

It is exactly 100 words. And it's crappy. but, it's still 100 words. ^^;
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Idina Menzel Signed Photo!

Hi guys! I got this photo signed by Idina Menzel after the 2005 Tony Awards! Its an awesome picture and very rare.
I'm selling it on ebay and I wanted to let everyone know. Check out the link:

Its really cheap considering photos signed by Idina are usually over 150 bucks. I hope you like it and encourage you to bid on it! Im selling it because I got two pictures signed and I like the one I'm keeping better lol. I thought i could make some quick cash by selling this one. I need to fend for myself in college! lol
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Challenge #9

Alright, I feel really bad about having almost abandoned this community, but now it's time for a revival. Yay! I somlemnly swear that new challenges will be posted every Sunday (cept this week cause it's Monday). Also, any pimpage of this community would be good. Y'know at some of the Wicked communites or to friends. Oh, and if you like Harry Potter, go poke the people at percy100, cause they've been about as dead we have.

Anyways, the new challenge is Dance, and you can be very open with the term (cause I know what I'm thinking about writing has nothing to do with literal dancing) and will be open until September 18 at which point a new challenge will be put up (I swear)
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Challenge #8

Yeah, I'm sorry, I've been terrible. I've been out of town and busy and that's not excuse but that's all I can say.

Right, I promise challenges will be on time from now on. Really.

Anyways, Challenge #8 is Time of your life. Having fun, best memories, things like that.

New challenge will be posted on August 7 really.
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Challenge #7

oops, sorry about last week, I was out of town and by the time I had internet it was Thursday, so I just decided to wait.

Anyways, new challenge is Work, although considering this fandom, I think that term can be used very very loosely. Maybe more accurately, what people do in their lives...

New challenge will be posted on July 10. Really.