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Only 200 words? Try 2000...

Title: The Beauty Concealed From Within
Challenge #2: The First Time I Knew
Character(s)/Pairings: Galinda/Elphaba
Rating/Warnings: G
# of Words: 189
Authors Comments: Written in a sans-couplet form, more stream of consciousness than anything else. Thought it was an intersting twist; taken more so from the book than the musical.

I see in you the things no else one seems to
The things that their eyes cannot conceive
The beauty and glowing majesty of your thoughts
Caught up in this trap so eloquently bound in your mind

I see a beauty that no clothing can hold
No colors can describe, no fashion impart ,
And even the very hues and varies of nature
Perverse and darken by their lesser degrees.

I see the variations of nature and simplicity of existence in you,
All the questions and absurdities of my mind put to rest by your gaze.
All of the quandaries and arguing voices silenced
Finally quieted by your smile.

The first time I heard your thoughts, my own were deafened.
The first time I felt you, I couldn’t feel anymore.
The last time I saw you, something inside cried out and
The last time I felt you, I begged to die within that mind I crave to hold onto...

I fell in love with your mind
Because you knew me
Because I knew you...

Because it was the first time I knew that I didn't know anything at all.
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Oh, a poem! Very beautifully written; I love it. :)
Ditto that...beautiful.

All the questions and absurdities of my mind put to rest by your gaze -- love.
such good words. :) good job.