meg (bakerlooline) wrote in wicked100,

Ok, so this is the first piece of fiction I've really ever written, so be nice, but if you have something constuctive I'd like to hear it. I apoligize for the length, but I didn't want to cut anything.

Title: < Untitled >
Challenge: Scream
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Elphaba/Galinda
Rating: G
Words: 231

Elphaba entered her room, nose in a book, and tossed her bag on her bed before jack-knifing herself on the armchair that sat in front of the fireplace. She heard the familiar humming that usually signaled Galinda getting ready to go out, and looked up to see the blonde girl waft in from the adjacent bathroom, a pink bottle in hand, complete with atomizer and tassel.

“Oh! Miss Elphaba, I didn’t see you there,” Galinda gasped, as she walked over to her bed to pick up her new shawl that would perfectly complement not only her dress, but also her eyes.

“Well, I’m off!” said the blonde, and gave one last glance to her roomie as she set down her bottle of perfume. On a whim, Galinda decided to offer an olive branch to the girl as she picked up the bottle and gave a little spritz in Elphaba’s direction. As soon as she registered what Galinda was doing, Elphaba completely recoiled in her chair so that the light fragranced liquid settled nicely on the arm of the chair, instead of the arm of the green girl.

Galinda, hurt and angry, pounded the tiny bottle back down on the table and gave an angry cry before wrenching the door open and slamming it behind her. “Really!” she thought, “I was only trying to be nice, and that’s the thanks I get!”
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