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Hello, and welcome to wicked100, a community dedicated to the writing of Wicked drabbles based on bi-weekly (for now) challenges. New challenges will be put up every other Wednesday.

We are all just a friendly bunch of Wicked fans here, and anyone is welcome to join and start posting responses to challenges at anytime. Just so everyone knows, drabbles here will relate to both the musical and the book, depending on what the author feels like writing, do not be surprised if you read a spoiler, it is the nature of the community.

Please, only post drabbles to this community. If you have some fabulous Wicked news or you want to discuss something Wicked, that's great, but please post that at another community. There are plenty of places to discuss Wicked.

If you are new to drabbling, then mhalachaiswords has posted a fabulous little guide here. It's definitely worth checking out.

1)No Flaming
2)If you are posting more than one drabble, please lj-cut the drabble itself, leaving only the header outside the cuts.
3)Slash, het, gen, incest, bestiality, anything is allowed. If you feel like writing Elphie/Nessa, that's just fine, but make sure you have the proper warnings so that those who don't want to read that know to avoid it.
4)Anything that is rated R or NC-17 needs to be under an LJ-cut.
5)All drabbles must be more than 80 words and less than 120 words, preferable 100 words. If you feel the need to write more, then please feel free post it at wicked_fanfic so that we may still enjoy it.

Posting Format-all posts should loosely follow this format.

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